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Our official page on the school website is sometimes slow in updating, so quick news may be temporarily posted here until the update catches it there. Keep checking the official website at, but you may see it here first.

The Show is In!

And you can start practicing your part right now! Just follow the instructions below to download and run an animation of the show with your position highlighted, print your personal coordinate sheet, and even practice the drill with a dance pad! They want some coin for the privilege, but I think it's a pretty good deal. Here's how:

1. Download and install the Pyware 3D Performers Practice Tools to your computer from (which will eventually direct you to The link to the software is on page 2 of the info.

2. After starting the program, the introduction screen will appear. Click "Continue" to move on.

3. The first time you run the program, you will be asked to check for updates. Click "Yes" and follow the prompts.

4. When the activation screen appears, click "Buy."

5. Review the price and conditions for purchase. Then click "Continue" and enter your credit card information.

6. Print the purchase receipt, then click "Continue."

7. When the 3D Online Account Setup appears, enter the following information:

3D Account Name: Dan Shell
3D Account ID: aa-37247 (If that doesn't work, try just "37247")
Group Name: Sequatchie County Band
Group Password: (email

8. You will next be asked to enter your Cast Name and email address. This is simply your name, first first and last last.

9. At the "Pick a 3D Java Drill or Production" screen, click "~DOWNLOAD MORE DRILLS AND PRODUCTIONS~". Click "Next". Click "Connect".

10. At the "Online 3D Drills & Productions" screen, click on the "danshell" account once to highlight it, then click the red flashing "Open" button.

11. In the "Sign on as" dialog box, click the "Registered User or Group" radio button. In the "User or Group Name" box, enter "Sequatchie County Band" (no quotes). In the "Password" box, enter the "pw" I sent. Click the red flashing "Sign on" button.

12. In the "Online 3D Drills & Productions" (yes, there's another one), click to check the box under "CHECK BOX TO PICK THE FILE" next to "Rock the". This is the entire show in one file with drill assignments. The other files are each number separate with no assignments. Click the "Download" button.

13. You should now be returned to the main menu, perhaps following a registration prompt. Select "3D Java Performer's Practice Tools".

14. At the "Pick a 3D Java Drill or Production" screen, click to highlight "Rock the House" and click the "Next" button. Click to highlight a drill number and click the "Next" button.

15. You're in! The "Select a 3D Performers Tool" menu does this:

The Pyware 3D Performers Practice Tools is $7.95. The March Pad (dance pad) can be ordered from McCormick's for $24.95. In fact, they're offering a package deal right now that could save you eight bucks. I know it's a little money, but you could come to Band Camp knowing all your music AND drill! I think I'll order one. Looks like fun. At Band Camp we can have a "Drill Dance Revolution" contest!

Play and/or download (right click, "save target as") the music (sans drill) using the links below. The recordings are formatted for upload to your MP3 player. Practice the music with the recording to have that aced before you arrive for Band Camp.

Rehearsal preparation and rehearsal stress are inversely proportional, so prepare now for a low-stress, big fun, blast of a Band Camp! American Pie movies and cell phone commercials aside, this is where the talented ones make it happen, so...


July 21-25
9:00 AM-12:00 noon
July 28-August 1
8:00 AM-4:00 PM